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December 21, 2004
Kayak Interactive and America's Best Known Fisherman, Bill Dance, Announce New Connected Mobile Game

Mobile entertainment publisher Kayak Interactive and Bill Dance, America’s best known fisherman, have teamed up to create a new mobile game that allows players to compete hook, line and lure. Bill Dance Bass Fishing players can fish anywhere, whether they are in the airport, the local coffee shop or a row boat. Snow, wind or heavy rain can’t deter them from making the bass catch of the day and comparing it to their competitors’ catch.

"We’re excited to team up with Bill Dance whose 30 years of fishing expertise and popular nationally broadcast television program is well known to outdoorsmen," says George Faigen, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Kayak Interactive. "Our mobile game lets players pick their line weight and lures to test their skills against various conditions — water depth, water clarity, time of day, wind and temperature — while getting tips from Bill Dance on how to improve their efforts."

Bill Dance Bass Fishing is a connected mobile game that allows players to test their fishing skills against multiple scenarios that challenge them to catch that lunker while taming Mother Nature. Then, they can compare their catch of the day with other "fishermen" all around the world. The players can customize their tackle box with different lures for catching that perfect fish. They can also receive expert advice from Bill Dance which will be supplied to the game on a continually refreshed basis so they can learn while they fish.

"This Kayak mobile game is fun to play anytime, especially when I can’t get out to do what I love best," says Bill Dance. "We’ve designed a game that provides people with an opportunity to enjoy fishing even when they are not near the water and to learn how to catch more fish when they are."

An avid fisherman, Bill Dance is a member of the International Fishing Hall of Fame and winner of 23 National Bass Titles. He has authored seven books on fishing, 50 educational video tapes plus many articles in major outdoor magazines. Bill’s popular fishing show "Bill Dance Outdoors" airs four times a week on the Outdoor Life Network.

Source: Kayak Interactive

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