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December 9, 2004
Wonderphone announces exclusive mobile game deal with Vodafone for "Crash Twinsanity"

Crash Twinsanity Crash Twinsanity Crash Twinsanity

Wonderphone, a leading publisher of mobile entertainment in Europe, announces an exclusive (between 3 and 6 months) and global deal with Vodafone for the mobile phone version of Crash Twinsanity, the blockbuster video game published by Vivendi Universal Games. The mobile game, which extends the strategic alliance between Wonderphone and Vivendi Universal Games, is available on more than 50 Vodafone handsets including a unique 3D version that takes advantage of the technology in Vodafone's European 3G handset portfolio that launched in November 2004.

Crash Twinsanity is one of the few hero games being advertised across Europe in Vodafone live!'s end of the year campaigns. The agreement allows for exclusive distribution in all major Vodafone territories in exchange for dedicated marketing campaigns from Vodafone. The agreement encompasses a technology agreement for 3D game development and is one of the featured releases in Vodafone's commercial 3G launch in November 2004 which offers gameplay and graphics that highlight the new 3D functionalities present on many of Vodafone's 3G handsets. The mobile game's storyline and gameplay are directly inspired from the video game of the same name, which has recently been released by Vivendi Universal Games and releasing on Playstation 2 and Xbox in Europe

"Crash Bandicoot has proved consistently popular with generations of console gamers, and since the release of Crash Nitro Kart earlier in the year we've seen him becoming a firm favourite on mobile." says Tim Harrison, Head of Games at Vodafone Group Services. "We're delighted to bring the latest instalment of the franchise to all our Vodafone live! customers - both in 2D and now, of course, 3D which ushers in a whole new era in mobile gaming."

The launch of Crash Twinsanity on mobile phones continues the alliance between Wonderphone and Vivendi Universal Games for publishing their blockbuster video gaming licenses on the mobile platform. The first mobile game to be launched in the context of this alliance was Crash Nitro Kart. Launched in June 2004, Crash Nitro Kart went straight to the top of the charts in several European territories. The second game borne from this alliance - Spyro: Ripto Quest - was launched in September 2004 and is based on the legendary video game character Spyro the Dragon.

Source: Wonderphone

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