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Cell Phone Games News

December 7, 2004
Synergenix releases two new mobile games "Generals: Alien Colony" and "Metal Racers, Quad Bikes"

Synergenix Interactive announced two new games to expand their portfolio, Generals: Alien Colony, and Metal Racers: Quad Bikes. The two games are developed by Impressionware in Italy and will be available on a wide range of mobile phones.

Generals: Alien Colony is a challenging and addictive turn-based strategy game in which you control either the humans or the aliens. It features two single-player campaigns, multiplayer missions, a multitude of weapons, and spectacular special effects.

Metal Racers: Quad Bikes is a fast paced, heavy-metal themed racing game featuring single or multiplayer racing over 9 tracks going from mud to desert. The vehicles can be customized for better performance and equipped with weapons and other gadgets. The game recently won the "Best Gameplay Award" at the Mobile Fun Forum Competition in Milan.

"These games are both really original additions to their genres and we have received a lot of positive feedback already", Says Martin Forsling, CEO of Synergenix. "Impressionware has a history of making great games and Generals and Metal Racers are no exceptions."

"We are really excited to work with Synergenix", Says Luigi Fumero, Managing Director of Impressionware. "We are very proud of these two games and I am sure that thanks to Synergenix they will get the publishing they deserve."

Both games will be released during the first quarter of 2005.

Source: Synergenix Interactive

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