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December 1, 2004
Sorrent joins forces with European mobile game publisher Macrospace

Sorrent, Inc., a leading creator and global publisher of mobile entertainment, today announced an agreement to acquire Macrospace, an award-winning mobile games publisher based in London. Like Sorrent, Macrospace has built a reputation on creating innovative, high quality mobile entertainment titles, including Fatal Force: Earth Assault, winner of the 2004 Mobile Consumer Choice award for best game. The integration of these companies will enhance Sorrentís global position as one of the leading players in the mobile entertainment marketplace.

Macrospace brings globally recognized licenses, advanced technology, superior original intellectual property, as well as established distribution relationships in Europe and Southeast Asia. Macrospace has also built a successful services division, with its ProvisionX service providing managed mobile games distribution services to carriers and media companies globally. Todayís announcement builds on both companiesí successes in their home markets of the U.S. and Europe respectively and leverages Sorrentís position as one of the leading developers and publishers in the global market for mobile games.

"Macrospace is one of the most highly regarded mobile gaming companies in Europe and is a true culture fit with Sorrent," said Greg Ballard, chief executive officer, Sorrent. "The company has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to quality. Their exceptional management team, innovative portfolio of games, and extraordinary technology and distribution significantly enhances our position in Europe and will be a substantial asset to Sorrent as we seek to become the leading mobile entertainment publisher in the world."

Macrospace creates some of the most popular mobile games on the market. The company has developed and published more than 40 mobile games including award-winning original titles and third party brands from licensing partners including Cartoon Network, Eidos, Square Enix and Celador International, creator of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? In addition to publishing and developing mobile games, Macrospace also brings games distribution technology to the combined entity through its ProvisionX managed mobile games service. ProvisionX gives wireless carriers the ability to offer mobile gaming content without having to manage the solution internally.

"This deal brings together two hugely talented companies to create a truly world-class organization across mobile games development, publishing and delivery," said Shukri Shammas, managing director of Macrospace. "Sorrent has worked hard to create a fantastic portfolio of games like DRIV3R, Atariís Deer Hunter and the FOX Sports branded titles."

Source: Sorrent

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