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Cell Phone Games News

November 26, 2004
Mobile Developer IOMO is Creator of Five Games in the Orange UK Top Ten

Mobile game developer IOMO has racked up another major achievement in 2004 having created FIVE games out of the recent Top Ten on mobile operator Orange in the UK.

Pub Fruity (published by IOMO) hit the number one spot, with Colin McRae Rally 2005 (published by Codemasters/DBi) at number two. Monopoly (published by iFone) was at number four, Golf Club (published by IOMO) reached number six and Pub Darts (published by IOMO) slipped into the number nine position.

While this is a remarkable result, it is by no means unique. This is the second time IOMO has been responsible for fully half of the games appearing simultaneously on a major network's Top Ten list. In January 2004 the company had five titles in the Vodafone UK charts.

Having completed over 23 titles in 2004 for many of the major mobile games publishers and based on some of the world's biggest brands and licenses, IOMO are leading the world in the design and creation of games for the latest generation of mobile phone handsets.

"2004 has been a fantastic year", said John Chasey, the managing director of IOMO. "Not only for IOMO, but for the mobile games and entertainment sector as a whole. People have phone handsets which can play games, operators are making games more accessible than ever and the quality of games on the market is growing rapidly. We've been stunned at how quickly the market has grown this year and have been delighted with IOMO's success to date. Our strategy of focusing entirely on the downloadable mobile sector and designing games specifically to be played on mobile handsets is proving very successful as the market continues to flourish. The company has made a number of moves to provide us with more resources as we move into 2005 and we are looking forward to a great new year."

Source: IOMO

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