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November 23, 2004
JAMDAT Mobile - Japan Launches "Geki! Puzzle Chudoku" Through Japanese Mobile Operator KDDI

Global wireless entertainment publisher JAMDAT Mobile Inc. announced today the launch of its first titles for Japanese Mobile Phone Operator KDDI (au). "Geki! Puzzle Chudoku" (English translation: Freak! Puzzle Addict) is now available through KDDI's EZ appli (BREW(TM)) service.

"Geki! Puzzle Chudoku" is a set of three popular puzzle titles -- "Collapse," "Bounce Out" and "Bejeweled" -- that became popular in online and PC formats.

"'Geki! Puzzle Chudoku' is the first product release for JAMDAT Mobile - Japan," said Toshi Iwata, President of JAMDAT Mobile - Japan. "Japan is an important market and we are pleased with our relationship with KDDI."

"The launch of JAMDAT Mobile - Japan's first titles is exciting," said Mitch Lasky, Chairman and CEO of JAMDAT Mobile Inc. "It is our strategy to publish high-quality content for consumers around the world through our international offices."

Source: JAMDAT Mobile

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