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November 22, 2004
Additional Innovative Features For N-Gage Mobile Game "Pocket Kingdom Revealed"

Nokia announced additional innovative features for Pocket Kingdom: Own The World, the world’s first massively multiplayer online mobile game for the N-Gage platform. In addition, Nokia confirmed that Pocket Kingdom has gone gold and will start shipping around the world next week. Pocket Kingdom: Own The World challenges gamers to build a mighty online empire while competing against other players from around the world. Set in a fantasy landscape, it is a game of combat, action and strategy.

The Own The World News Report is a 24-hour news channel that reports on real-time developments in the Pocket Kingdom game world. "My PK" sites provide a glimpse into any player’s Pocket Kingdom. Every time a player takes their Pocket Kingdom online, their site is updated with their statistics such as skill ratings, unit collection and the player’s position on the All-Time Owner Board and All-Time Looter Board.

"Features like "My PK" sites and the Own The World News Report are unique both for the mobile gaming space, as well as for massively multiplayer online games in general," said Scott Foe, Producer, Pocket Kingdom, Nokia. "Players can share information about their own Pocket Kingdoms, or even research the latest conquests of their friends and potential enemies. The Own The World News Report means that players can listen to what is happening around the Map of Ulgress even when they are not logged in trying to challenge other gamers around the world."

Reset Jen, Pocket Kingdom’s very own virtual newscaster, delivers the Own The World News Report in a sultry British accent based on the latest text to speech technology. The 24-hour report gives information on the most recent battles, with insightful and amusing commentary, as well as the latest sales figures from the Auction Board, where players can sell off items they’ve created or captured for loot.

The "My PK" site contains nearly all the info about a player’s Pocket Kingdom. The site is hosted by the player’s Fabbis, the fabulous personal assistant who assists in times of trouble. The site contains several areas, such as the Throne Room and 411, which provide details about a player’s rank in various Leader Boards, Trophies, Skill Ratings, Auction Transactions, Item Wish List and much more.

Players can personalize their "My PK" sites with their own quote as well as a longer blurb, giving ample room for creative expression. Sites can be emailed, both in a shameless attempt to brag about a player’s own stats, as well as to pay homage to greater players. The "My PK" sites will also feature Reset Jen reading reports on the player’s own recent battles.

Pocket Kingdom: Own The World Pocket Kingdom: Own The World Pocket Kingdom: Own The World Pocket Kingdom: Own The World Pocket Kingdom: Own The World

Source: Nokia

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