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Cell Phone Games News

November 19, 2004
Glofun to release location based mobile game RayGun

GloVentures, LLC, has announced the upcoming release of Glofun RayGun, the world's first "high-intensity" location game for cell phones. RayGun combines the mental intensity of a video game and the physical activity of a sport.

Here's how it's played:

A cell phone loaded with RayGun software emits “spectral” energy that lets you attract and track ghosts. Unfortunately, the energy also annoys the ghosts, so you’d better “ionize” them before they get to you.

Here's the twist: RayGun is a GPS game, and to play it you have to move through the real world—that is, running around using your real feet.

To aim the raygun at a ghost, you move toward it. Moving quickly increases the raygun’s range. You can adjust your beam to long and narrow (good for zapping ghosts while they’re still far away) or short and wide (good for zapping them when they’re closing in on you). The longer you play, the more ghosts you attract, and the faster you have to move to stay ahead.

RayGun currently runs on the Nextel i710 and i730 handsets. It has passed “funability” testing and awaits Nextel approval. We expect to release it early in 2005.

Source: GloFun website

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