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Cell Phone Games News

November 18, 2004
Tomb Raider comes to mobile phone courtesy of In-Fusio

IN-FUSIO announced that it has signed a licensing deal with Eidos to bring the mobile phone version of Tomb Raider to its ExEn mobile game engine. Under the agreement, IN-FUSIO will also handle distribution of the ExEn version of the game via network operators.

Tomb Raider mobile features three episodes: The Osiris Codex, The Quest for Cinnabar and The Elixir of Life. The game will be available in multiple languages: English, French, Italian, German Spanish, French and Chinese. Originally developed by Iomo, the ExEn version has been produced by BeTomorrow.

Tomb Raider mobile is a side-scrolling platform game. Lara can perform all of her signature moves, such as running, jumping, crouching and climbing. As she progresses, Lara can pick up useful items and store them in her inventory for later use. She can also push and pull certain items within the game, to gain access to otherwise unreachable areas. Lara will of course, have her trademark pistols to hand for when the going gets tough.

Tomb Raider will make it first appearance on ExEn handsets in the UK this week and will be demonstrated at the SLIN exhibition in Paris, December 2nd-5th 2004,

Source: In-Fusio

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