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Cell Phone Games News

November 14, 2004
Dwango Wireless launches Rolling Stone-branded mobile trivia game

Dwango Wireless announced the debut of Rolling Stone 20 Questions, the exclusive Rolling Stone-branded mobile music and entertainment trivia game.

Rolling Stone 20 Questions offers users the opportunity to test their pop culture knowledge with more than 600 new questions each month. For example, "A 2003 single says Jay-Z has this many problems" and "True or False: Lynyrd Skynyrd took its name from a teacher at the band’s high school."

Highlights include eleven question types; a multiplayer option allowing a user to compete against up to three opponents on the same phone; and an online leader board that allows players across the United States to compare overall ranking and statistics, including the number of questions attempted and average score.

"Rolling Stone 20 Questions combines great game design with the pop culture credibility of Rolling Stone magazine," said Alexander Conrad, president and COO of Dwango Wireless. "The game’s introduction marks Dwango’s ongoing development and expansion of Rolling Stone’s presence in the mobile entertainment space."

Source: Dwango Wireless

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