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November 11, 2004
Kerbyware releases "Dog Fight"

Kerbyware announced today their release of the mobile title Dogfight. Dogfight is the sequel to the award winning game ACE. Dogfight, developed by Kerbyware, is available on the mophun platform and can be acquired by distributors through the mophun marketplace.

Engage in daring aerial combat in this stunning game that is full of frantic action and tactical gameplay. Scramble with your squadron to defend the fleet from determined enemy forces. Immerse yourself in high intensity, gripping WWII battles for control of the Pacific.

You are just one pilot in a squadron embroiled in huge aerial battles. Dive bomb enemy battleships to silence their deadly anti aircraft guns. Catch your enemy unaware as they take off from their carrier. Pray that you never witness your worst nightmare: returning from a successful mission only to catch a glimpse of your home carrier as it slips beneath the waves.

Source: kerbyware

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