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November 11, 2004
Mr.Goodliving releases "Playman Beach Volleyball"

Playman Beach Volleyball is the latest game in the popular Playman sports series. After shooting, swimming, classic athletic events and even rock climbing, Playman is about to learn that life is a beach!

For the first time ever, players take control of a team of two Playmen and must pass, lob and smash their way to victory over their opponents to become the kings of the beach. There are four beaches to master all with 4 different sets of opponents, who get increasingly difficult as you battle your way through the tournaments.

Playman Beach Volleyball has been designed specifically for mobile phones. The control system is incredibly simple and with only a few keys, players can access a wide range of offensive and defensive moves. This makes the game very simple to pick up and play for even the newest user, but adds an incredible amount of depth to the challenge and ensures that players will be enjoying the game for many months to come.

The 2004 Olympics proved that Beach Volleyball is getting more popular than ever.

Source: Mr. Goodliving

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