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Cell Phone Games News

November 10, 2004
Gameloft launches Vans Skate & Slam Feat

Gameloft, one of the major leading developers and publishers of video games for mobile phones, is publishing – in collaboration with VANS, the leading young brand for lifestyle – the very first extreme skateboarding game for your mobile phone.

For this first partnership, Geoff Rowley – the famous Vans team skateboarder, voted best skateboarder of 2001 by Trasher and known to the general public for his outspokenness and originality – has brought his expertise to bear for the creation of the game.

Your objective: to become a pro, passing through 20 stages to become a fully-fledged member of the skateboarding community.

Thanks to this partnership, Gameloft’s new skateboarding game boasts an outstandingly high level of realism. The character animation uses the most advanced development techniques.

Each stage of the game is punctuated by photo sessions for magazines, street contests and official competitions. Discover the skateboarding universe by moving on mythical locations, from Barcelona to Huntington Beach in California, in 3D rendering!

As it does with all of its productions, Gameloft has sought to create a game that is both perfectly accessible to beginners and a genuine challenge for the most demanding players. And its life-span is particularly long, thanks to the many combinations that are possible in the game.

Now it’s your turn to play!

Experience all the excitement felt by skateboard riders on your mobile phone, thanks to highly realistic graphics and a large number of figures that are easy to perform. Your flips and slides will be spotted by sponsors, helping you become King of the Road!

Source: Gameloft

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