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Cell Phone Games News

November 8, 2004
Big Blue Bubble announces RPG game, "Dragon Tower"

Continuing with their successful relationship, Big Blue Bubble has signed a development agreement with THQ Wireless to bring an original RPG title to the wireless market.

Dragon Tower is set in the Village of Ozmyn, known far and wide for its two famous attractions: Fine ale and a fearsome Dragon with a habit of torching houses and hording treasure. A dangerous combination as many an intoxicated adventurer, filled with liquid courage have discovered as they bravely venture into the dragons stronghold atop the village in search of fame and fortune, never to be seen again.

Dragon Tower will feature everything that RPG fans crave: a captivating plot, cool heroes, terrifying monsters, powerful spells, a great variety of weapons and of course, a big vicious dragon. Dragon Tower is presently in late production phase and will be available in early 2005.

Source: Big Blue Bubble

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