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Pirate's Fortunes Cell Phone Game Download
Pirate's Fortunes
"Save your gold from the hands of the skeleton pirates "

Pirate's Fortunes

You play the part of Guildo and like all self-respecting pirates, you are looking for treasure. However this gold-fever means that you have to battle with Zambar, the terrible skeleton pirate known by all for his cruelty, his sorcery but also the fabulous treasure he collected during his mortal life. In the past, you were robbed by Zambar and you promised yourself that that one day in the future you would have your vengeance and now there is a chance.

Pirate’s Fortune starts with this new confrontation. You start the game in a naval battle against Zambar and his fleet. The fighting is tough….

Pirate’s Fortune, as in puzzle games in general, combines action, skill and thought.

Gather as much treasure as possible by piling up jewels, rubies, gold pieces and other treasure… Destroy all obstacles with your cannon and your pirate hydra. Parry your enemy’s special thrusts and other dangerous strokes.

Advance in the adventure and perhaps become the world’s richest pirate by confronting the cunning Zambar and his black magic.

Pirate's Fortunes Pirate's Fortunes Pirate's Fortunes  
Pirate's Fortunes Pirate's Fortunes    
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