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Mr Schizoo Cell Phone Game Download
Mr Schizoo
"Mr. Schizoo is a colourful and fun mobile game "

Mr Schizoo

Mr. Schizoo is a member of the Schizooferrets species which were supposed to extinct in the Dinosaur’s Era. Somehow the species managed to survive over the centuries, hidden deeply in a wild jungle on the planet Bombadoo. But now, the shadow is upon it again, and its survival is threatened! The last female Schizooferret (Mrs. Shizula, first seen in Bubu: The Great Escape game) was captured by poachers wanting to earn a fortune on her precious fur.

Mr. Schizoo goes into action! There is a long way before him, full of enemies, traps and dangerous passages. But it is too late to go back! The life of his female and the survival of his species are now in his hands!

The game Mr. Schizoo features the most advanced and colorful graphics ever witnessed in platform java game. First in the long list of novelties is multi-dimensional background. Well known effect from computers, have now been transferred into the mobile world.

This effect gives the player the sense of 3D and greatly contributes to the visual attractiveness of the game. The second feature are excellent animations of all creatures present in game as well as the variety of actions. For example Mr. Shizoo can eliminate enemies in three different ways: by jumping on them, by trownig a snailshell on them or by curling. Also the enemies are much differentiated. Some of them may be destroyed only in one particular way.

Six huge levels (each of them in different graphic design) are loaded with special bunuses, and items to collect. To gather all items in the game the player will have to finish the game many times, which is not easy since the levels are very complicated and enormous. On each level there is a special place - “shop” – where Mr. Shizoo can buy weapons for the coins collected underway. Also as a special bonus the players are able to download free wallpaper and ringtone at the end of the game!

Let us take you into the breathtaking world of Mr.Shizoo!

Mr Schizoo Mr Schizoo Mr Schizoo  
Mr Schizoo Mr Schizoo    
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