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Ghost Force Cell Phone Game Download
Ghost Force
"As a member of the special forces Ghost Force squad, you will get involved in some very explosive situations"

Ghost Force

Three law enforcers are sworn in to create the Ghost Force squad. Their mission is to free Doctor Larsone, who has been kidnapped by Commander Boralo army due to his extraordinary scientific discovery. The Ghost Force squad must not fail, as the Commander's is about to unleash an environmental catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. Only the good Doctor has the solution.

Ghost Force is a shoot ‘em up in the best tradition of the golden age of the greatest arcade games. Rediscover the mood of the games arcade with this sublime first person shooter with its incredible technical features and a gameplay that is synchronized like a watch.

Shots in every direction, ships that are bigger than the screen, explosions everywhere in the amazing scenery: this is what is waiting for you in Ghost Force. Are you ready for the challenge?

Ghost Force Ghost Force Ghost Force  
Ghost Force Ghost Force Ghost Force  
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