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Era Of Eidolon Cell Phone Game Download
Era Of Eidolon
"Your fate awaits in this multiplayer Role Playing Game"

Era Of Eidolon

Eidolonís fate is in your hands. Its once so tranquil countryside now echoes with sounds of steel clashing against steel, and the blood of honest men taint the soil. Times are bleak and war is drawing close. Farmers who before sowed life now learn to bring death and the innocence of children gives way to battle training.

But in the tavern at night the stories are still told of the Dragonbane. The hero to overcome the shadows of hatred. He who will wield the power to unite the people of Eidolon and forever vanquish evilís roaring flame.

Are you that hero! Is bravery in your heart and courage in your stomach? Will you accept the Quest to restore Eidolonís fallen beauty and bring back prosperity and peace?

Your fate awaits you...


  • Fight and communicate with people from around the world in the first ever worldwide multiplayer role playing game for mobile phones
  • Enjoy great graphics and animated battle scenes
  • Specialize your hero with a choice of more than:
  • 100 Weapons, 100 Spells, 65 Combat skills, 25 Armours and lots of Magic items
  • Start a clan with friends and compete against others for a monthly prize
  • Participate in events and tournaments to win special game equipment
  • Fight the Queens elite gladiators - each with a personal speciality
  • Era Of Eidolon Era Of Eidolon Era Of Eidolon  
    Era Of Eidolon Era Of Eidolon    
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