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Action Cell Phone Games

Based on the hit PC title, you can now take your mobile phone to the front line and experience the dramatic intensity of WWII.

Call Of Duty mobile game info Call Of Duty cell phone game downloads

Adventurer is the ultimate classic platform game for kids of all ages.As the loving character The Adventurer you need to collect Diamonds by moving around on the screen.

Adventurer mobile game info Adventurer cell phone game downloads

Three law enforcers are sworn in to create the Ghost Force squad. Their mission is to free Doctor Larsone, who has been kidnapped by Commander Boralo army due to his extraordinary scientific discovery.

mobile game info cell phone game downloads
Iceblade Penguin Mobile Game

The player adopts the character of Iceblade Penguin and embarks on an epic quest. on his return from a fishing trip, Iceblade Penguin finds out that an evil scientist has kidnapped his sweetheart. She is locked away and guarded by polar bears - Iceblade Penguin MUST rescue her!

Iceblade Penguin mobile game info Iceblade Penguin cell phone game downloads
Moon Taxi

The lives of taxi drivers are hardly an easy ride, but when your average taxi is a rather nippy flying saucer and your patch is not central London, but the Moon itself, things can get rather stressful.

Moon Taxi mobile game info Moon Taxi cell phone game downloads
Raptor Heavy Squad

You are the commander of the latest, deadly war machine developed in a secret NATO reasearch facility - RAPTOR. In the neighbouring city there is a military rebellion. The safety of the inhabitants and the research compound is threathened.

Raptor Heavy Squad mobile game info cell phone game downloads

In Saboteur, you are a highly skilled mercenary trained in the martial arts. You are employed to infiltrate a central security building, which is disguised as a warehouse.

mobile game info cell phone game downloads

As the Sheriff of the town, you are required to keep the order and peace. Your job will not be easy as the notorious Big John and his gang of unruly cowboys have returned to terrorize the town's folks.

mobile game info cell phone game downloads
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